Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Current Projects

This is a list of all the things I'm writing at the moment. Due to my schedule, I can't promise regular updates for all of them - updates are pretty much going to be spontaneous, though I do hope to have at least one new post a week for both the blog and the GigaBob account.

Current Projects:

Format: Serial Novel

One year ago, a being later dubbed a "kaiju" destroyed several cities in a single night. Since then, they've come every two weeks, destroying and killing anything within their reach. Their motives and origins are unknown, but at least one force opposes them - known as "KE-14b" by the media, and as "Emperex" by its pilot.
Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5

Action Sue
Format: Serial Novel

The Mary Sue - an archetypal character that's just plain better than everyone else. Many Sues live their lives, blissfully unaware of their incredible abilities - but there are those who are not only aware of their nature, but gleefully milk it for everything for it's worth. This is their story.
Chapters: 1 2 3 4

The Mask of Night (tentative title)
Format: Self-contained serial stories with an overarching plot

Valtameri - a corrupt city, controlled by the all-powerful Clans, and holding on to the last vestiges of magic. But there are glimmers of hope within it - such as the mysterious masked figure of the night, a man named Jone Tensar, a self-proclaimed 'information broker' who wishes to uncover Valtameri's history and secrets.
-Story 1: Cold Iron part 1 

The Eternity Dodecatrilogy
Format: Fanfic

Life and death, nothing and everything, an instant and an eternity. This is the story of a man who would transcend these things and bring order to chaos by any means, and the stories of the people who oppose him.
Chapters: Beginning Current (23)

TGWTG Rangers
Format: Fanfic

After 4,000 years, the ancient evils sealed in the earth are beginning to escape. A mysterious Wizard, one of the last descendants of the men and women who sealed these Demons away, calls five internet reviewers with attitude, outfits them with magitek watches and tells them they're the last hope of humanity. Hilarity ensues.
Chapters: Beginning Current (20)

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