Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Finished Projects

This is a partial list of my completed stories. For more stories, see my profile on Fanfiction.net to the right.

Current Projects

This is a list of all the things I'm writing at the moment. Due to my schedule, I can't promise regular updates for all of them - updates are pretty much going to be spontaneous, though I do hope to have at least one new post a week for both the blog and the GigaBob account.

Welcome and About Me

Hello everyone. I've chosen the name "JS Zegalski" for this blog, though you might know me under a few other pseudonyms - WarxePB, GigaBob, OdinTheAlmighty, and many, many, many others. This is my blog, and here, I'll be posting stuff - mostly the original fiction I've been working on, but I'll probably post some musings on life and other such stuff if I feel it's important.